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Daily Links 7/4

Herald Hedo Turkoglu to Blazers a no-go
Rasheed Wallace mulls Celtics’ offer
Globe  Wallace weighing offer
Sites help sports figures keep us posted
Jackson returns to coach Lakers
Marbury believes Celtics days are over

MetroWest Daily    Megliola: Rasheed may fill a need for C's
CelticsBlog  An open letter to Danny: why you messed up.
More Reasons Why Boston May Be Right Fit
Celtics 17    No Laker Fans, You're Not Champs Yet: 2009-10 Will Be Memorable
Red's Army     Detroit pursuing Thibodeau
Celtics Circuit    Sudden Improvement is the New NBA Trend
Celtics Hub   A Less Depressing Departure, Plus a Round-Up
Celtics Town    Danny Ainge Sees Boston Celtics' Window Of Opportunity Closing
NBA Tipoff   Talking Off-Season With Nick of Boston Celtics News Station
Shamsports    Summer league round-up: Boston Celtics
CSMB    Does the Ron Artest Deal help the Celtics?
Chronicle    Cavaliers targeting guard Anthony Parker
LA Times   Signing Ron Artest is a smart move by Lakers
The Chez   Artest and Kobe together?
Yahoo    Sources: Assistants in the hunt for Pistons position
Don't question Paul Pierce while he's playing craps
Source: Turkoglu changes mind on Blazers - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Why did I go to Law School     Do the Celtics Need 'Sheed Now that Robert Swift is Here?
CSNE    Wallace Agent Tells Tanguay, Rasheed would be a Great fir with Big 3
NY Times   Off the Dribble - Many N.B.A. Free Agents, but Few Big Paydays
Connecticut News    Recruiting Wallace - Celtics or Spurs?
Mass Live    Report: Rasheed Wallace agent Bill Strickland thinks Boston Celtics would be a good fit
Pounding the Rock   The Bar Has Been Raised
Waiting for Next Year    The Truth About The Cavs and Free Agency
Lakers Nation   Plaschke: Lakers make the wrong move going with Ron Artest
Bleacher Report    The NBA Economic Crunch In The Summer Of 2009
'Sheed and the Spurs: Why It Works
NESN    Big Four? Celtics looking to match moves from competitors
ESPN   Sources: Detroit Pistons' Joe Dumars to meet with Avery Johnson
CBS Sports    'Sheed receptive to Celts, but will shop
Our Sports Central    Fans Invited to Pick-A-Seat Day for Fun, Games and a Sneak Preview
Howard the Dunk    Dwight on Shaq & Turk; Sheed to Vist Orlando, Millsap Has No Offers
Projo     Celts are looking to make moves
Dime   Raptors get their #1 target; Rasheed waiting to make a call
Orlando Sentinel  Magic contact Rasheed Wallace's agent; likely won't re-sign Gortat

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