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Your Daily Sheed Update

This time Danny is promising that he'll keep adding pieces after Sheed if the big guy accepts Boston's offer.  From the Herald.

Ainge is hoping for a relatively quick resolution regarding Wallace.

"Sooner rather than later makes it easier for everyone," said Ainge. "But these are life-altering decisions. Rasheed has four kids that he has to think about."

The Wallace camp was impressed by Ainge’s vow to add to the team even if the center signs with the Celtics, and Ainge yesterday stood by his vow.

The Celtics have both the $1.3 million veterans minimum and $1.9 million biannual exception to spend.

"We feel we can add another piece or two," said Ainge.

In related news, Vince Carter would love to see his old UNC teammate join him in Orlando.  Via Third Quarter Collapse

"He’s a veteran guy who knows how to play the game first and foremost," Carter said. "He’s an unbelievable shooter. He’s very smart and he’s a motivator. Just from playing against him, he knows how to play basketball and he makes very [few] mistakes on the court. So, I think that’s big for our team.

"A guy like that who makes [few] mistakes at that level can get the team over the hump, because he’s been there. Not only has he been in the Finals, he’s won one. He knows what it takes to win. So, hopefully, we can bring him aboard, and I’m doing all that I can."

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