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Summer League Game 1 Recap

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The Celtics won their summer league game tonight. 

I only saw bits and pieces myself but I'm told that I didn't miss much.  From what I saw, Swift is not swift and Bill Walker still likes hard fouls.  Also, the announcers might be the worst I've ever heard.

Here are some notes from the recap.

Lester Hudson, the 58th selection in the 2009 NBA Draft who is the only player in NCAA history to register a quadruple-double, posted 11 points on 4-of-6 shooting from the field.

"I just want to play hard on both ends of the floor," Hudson said. "I just go out there and stop my man from scoring."

Other standout performers included Gabe Pruitt and Bill Walker, who each earned some minutes this past season for the C’s. Pruitt and Walker combined for 25 points.

Here is the full box score

(hat tip to user Mike-Dub who posted these as FanShots)

Update: Also see FLCeltsFan's recap at LOY's Place

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