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Injuries At Summer League

First Bill Walker was held out of yesterday's game with back spasms and now this (from Celtics twitter)

Lester Hudson is headed back to Boston with a broken left index finger; Giddens dislocated finger but will stay with team in Orlando.

The Herald has details

He broke the finger after attempting to brace himself during a fall in the first half of the Celtics’ 94-82 loss to Oklahoma City’s summer league team.

“It’s very tough because I want to show Danny (Ainge) and the coaches what I can do,” said Hudson. “But I won’t be out there to do it now. I think I can still play right now, but I have to sit back.”

Lance Young, Hudson’s agent, said he was told that the 6-1 guard may need surgery, and have a pin put in the finger.

There’s a danger in that for Hudson, who has not signed a contract.

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