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Lester Hudson May Need Surgery On Broken Finger

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The Herald reports:

In a stroke of tough luck, Celtics rookie Lester Hudson broke the ring finger on his left hand tonight and is being sent back to Boston for treatment.

He broke the finger after attempting to brace himself during a fall in the first half of the Celtics’ 94-82 loss to Oklahoma City’s summer league team.

"It’s very tough because I want to show Danny (Ainge) and the coaches what I can do," said Hudson. "But I won’t be out there to do it now. I think I can still play right now, but I have to sit back."

Lance Young, Hudson’s agent, said he was told that the 6-1 guard may need surgery, and have a pin put in the finger.

There’s a danger in that for Hudson, who has not signed a contract.

That's tough luck; it will be interesting to see if this impacts his potential spot on the roster.

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