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What If This Is It?

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So there will be no trade involving Gabe Pruitt. So there goes any hope of a move happening before August. There is still plenty of chances for Ainge to make a trade or two to add more depth to the bench and make the best use of the salary cap slots that we have available to us. However, there's also a chance that this is pretty much it.

We have to resolved the Big Baby situation. If a sign and trade can't be worked out, he'll either sign with another team and have Danny match the offer, sign with another team and have Danny pass on the offer, or take the qualifying offer and hit the market as an unrestricted free agent next year.

If we can't sign and trade Daniels, he'll come to town with the bi-annual exception. Then of course the hope is that we'll sign a point guard to back up Rondo.

Typically the most simple solutions are the one's that happen. Right now the easy path would be to bring back Baby, sign Daniels, and sign a backup point guard (Stephon? Lue? other?) and call it a day. Just to fill out the roster you can also invite Hudson and Swift and a few other live bodies to camp. That leaves us with the following roster:

Rondo | (backup PG) | Hudson
R. Allen | House | (T. Allen?) | Giddens
Pierce | Daniels | Walker
KG | Baby | Scal
Perk | Sheed | (Swift?)

To me that looks like a pretty solid lineup already. The presence of Sheed and Daniels already upgrades the bench. We've probably got to figure out something to do with Tony Allen because I just don't see him on the roster by the end of training camp, but you never know.

So what do you think? Is this a good enough lineup to compete for and win the Championship this year?