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Why Not Anthony Carter?

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We still have that backup point guard spot to fill.  It sounds like the Celtics have ruled out Stephon Marbury, so who else is out there?  Celtics Hub takes a look at the pros and cons of bringing in Anthony Carter.  On the pro side, he can pass:

Carter averaged 4.7 assists per game in just 23 minutes on the floor, and his assist/48 minute number ranked 13th among 78 point guards last season, according to ESPN.

On the con side, he can't hold onto the ball and he can't shoot.

Carter, by one measure, was the single most turnover prone guard in the league last season. That measure would be turnover rate, an estimate of the number of turnovers a player commits per 100 plays in which he tries to do something with the ball.

He shot 43 percent overall last season, including just 24 percent from deep, which suggests perhaps the one three he took per game was one too many. He's not great on long twos, either; his effective FG% on jump shots was only 40.8 percent-three points lower than Nene's mark.

Cheap backup points are going to have their share of warts, so you have to take that into account. But do you think Carter is worth picking up? If not, who's your first choice?

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