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Hollinger On The Celts

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Hollinger puts the Celtics up there with the Cavs and Magic in the East:

Yes, it's possible the Celtics' magical championship march in 2008 was a one-shot deal. But dismiss them at your peril.

Last season they won more games than Orlando, even though Kevin Garnett missed the final two months, and took the Magic to seven games in the conference semifinals. Garnett will be back, but is something of a question mark until he shows his knee is fine. Meanwhile, the Celtics brought in reinforcements in Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels, with the former being particularly useful since the Celtics lacked a "stretch 4" a year ago.

Age is a huge issue here, and they'll have to pace themselves in the regular season, so they're probably going to be the East's No. 3 seed. But if they're healthy come playoff time and the Ubuntu is flowing, they still look like a team that can win the East.