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Daily Links 8/10

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Herald    Ticket to Celtics’ doctors
Cs to announce Davis signing today
Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough resting summer injuries
Timberwolves opt for Kurt Rambis
Globe    Celtics 'officially' improved
Celtics sign Davis, formalize Williams deal

CelticsBlog   Why Not Anthony Carter?
Hollinger On The Celts
Big Baby and Shelden Press Conference Today

LOY's Place   In the Books - Heinsohn, Don't You Ever Smile? Part 2
Celtics 17  Cue the Spotlight on David Stern...
Red's Army    Reggie Miller is Very Persistent (with engaged women)
What will the Celtics do with Tony Allen?
Greeks continue raiding mid-level NBA talent
Green Street    Official Press Release: Celtics Re-Sign Glen Davis
Celtics Circuit     Which Vetern Point Guards Remain?
Celtics Hub     Anthony Carter: Too Turnover Prone?
NESN    Celtics Legend Russell Offers Inspiration at Seahawks Training Camp
One Final Piece to Add to the Celtics' Puzzle for Next Season
Big Baby Davis Returns to Celtics
Fernsten's Follies     Nash Wanted Shaq Out
Lex Nihil Novi     Even-Handed Evaluation of Mr. Daniels
1981-82 Win Streak Ties Club Record
Lester Hudson is 5'11
Battle of the Streaks: KC Jones Compares 1982 to 1960
Fox Sports    Who are the NBA's tough guys and softies?
ESPN    Boston Celtics re-sign free-agent power forward Glen 'Big Baby' Davis
A Quarter-Century Later, Kurt Rambis Takes Out Kevin McHale
Bleacher Report    NBA Playoffs 2010: Who'll Rise, Fall, or Stay Put (Eastern Conference)
Xconomy   Connective Orthopaedics Wants to Improve ACL Surgeries, Taps Celtics CEO as Director
CT News    Buyers Market For Many NBA Free Agents
Daily News Tribune    Celtics, Big Baby putting finishing touches on contract
Inside Hoops    NBA Rumors - InsideHoops
News OK    NBA attendance figures
Dimemag    Digging through the free-agent scrap heap, and Isiah’s stomping with the big dogs
FanHouse    Five You'd Like to Play Alongside
Dueling Couches   Big Baby Back With The Celtics
Slam Online   Celtics to Get their Big Baby Back
The Knicks Blog   Jackson Passed Over…Again
Celtics Town    Athletes' Tweets, Starring Doug Christie
Eddie House - From Journeyman To Champion

CSNE    Celtics Stuff Live 8/9 with Kevin Henkin
Tuesdays with Horry   Types of Basketball Players
Hardwood Houdini    McHale clotheslines Rambis… Rambis takes McHale’s job.
.Associated Content    Ben Wallace Signs with Detroit Pistons; Looks to Reclaim Glory Days