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Leon Signs With Cavs

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We'll miss you Leon.
We'll miss you Leon.

ESPN Reports:

There were a half-dozen playoff caliber teams willing to sign Leon Powe and wait for his surgically reconstructed left knee to heal, but the forward who had been such a big hit in Boston ultimately decided he wanted to team up with an old AAU buddy -- LeBron James.

Powe traveled to Cleveland on Tuesday to have his knee examined by Cavaliers team medical personnel, with the expectation that he will sign a two-year, $1.77 million deal Wednesday.

A source told that Powe will sign for the league minimum for players with three years of service -- $855,189. Cleveland will hold a team option for a second season at $915,852.

Update: Brian Windhorst reports:

Leon Powe signing should be official in morning. 2 years, $1.77 mil. Sources say Celtics tried to re-sign him after word got out about Cavs.

Cavs are not done, they still may sign another big man w/ Powe & JJ Hickson not 100%. Joe Smith and Rob Kurz still on list.