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A Late Summer Pick Up

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We are proud to introduce our newest writer - Tom Halzack (tenaciousT).  Please give him a warm welcome. - Jeff

Hello to all the diehards at CelticsBlog!

This is my introductory article here and it is a true pleasure to be a part of such a tremendous website. A major intersection for Celtic Nation thought, it is like the morning coffee house, the news site during the day, and the evening stop at the C-Town Diner or Beantown bar. Where else can you catch up on all the latest Celtic news or the 90 post debates on whether Gabe Pruitt is more efficient going left or right? (OK, So I made that one up.)

Some may know me from Celtics Central at, CelticsStuffLive on Comcast Sports Net,, or simply as tenaciousT, my message board moniker. As a fifty something year old, I'm surprised to be a part of the ‘new' media. So I guess I represent the old... new media.

Why me? Why here? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it was that bowl of Lucky Charms I ate the other day. I will say that I love the game. Love it. There is no team game better in the world, IMO. My writing style, analysis and opinions? Well....put it this way....

In high school I hung with the ‘in' the crowd, but I always felt I was borderline (no, not insane - but don't put that question to my wife, please) and I never let ‘the crowd' determine who my friends were or do my thinking for me. I made friends with a lot of the uncool kids as well. Turned out, some of them were cooler than the cool kids.

That is kind of how you can describe my opinions, analysis and writing. Sometimes, I'm with the mainstream, the ‘cool guys'. Sometimes I'm not.

Danny Ainge once said....

"I'm open to smarter people than me. It still comes down to my instincts. I have to make the choice, no matter what my scouts say, no matter what the models say. I don't think it's realistic to think that a statistical model will ever be foolproof in basketball because there are so many variables, but I do think it can help us."

I agree completely. I know that you won't see things my way all the time. But I also know that my thinking isn't that unique. There must be some others out there that think the same thoughts that I do. (Pad Thai or hamburgers - both great).

Anyway, on with the show. The Celtics have a big year coming up in a clash of NBA titans and I will be checking in regularly with some observations along the way. Here is to a great year of the Celtic Drive for 18.

Many thanks to Jeff for asking me to share in the discussion here.