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Daily Links 8/13

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Herald    Leon Powe goes with flow
Shaq’s ready to slug it out with Albert Pujols in homer event
Jeremy Tyler signs with Maccabi Haifa
Only Ben Wallace’s pride could spoil return to Pistons
Globe   Video: House on offseason moves

CelticsBlog    A Late Summer Pick Up
Try Ty Lue?
When should you vote for Coach of the Year?
LOY's Place    In the Books - Heinsohn, Don't You Ever Smile? Part 4
Red's Army    A quick look at how we've improved
More on Pierce from Jared Dudley
"It's the Best Frontcourt That We've Had Maybe Ever... "
Celtics Circuit    The Best Frontcourt in Celtics History?
Celtics Hub   Q-Richardson the X-Factor?
North Station Sports    Celtics Show No Love for Leon
Our Chronicals of the Original Big Three Continue This Week
Celtics Town     Recapping The Eventful Boston Celtics Offseason (So Far)
Lex Nihil Novi   Celtics Win a Yawner
The Larry Bird 60-Point Game
C's Beat Philly in OT (81-82)
Hardwood Houdini     Lebron in Celtic Green? GangGreen Mailbag #001
The Devolution of Nike: The Threatening of America’s Youth.
Celtics 17   Leon Leaves With a Crabby Whine
State of the Celtics (And Its Blogosphere)
Daily News Tribune   Celtics bring Waltham boy a supreme court
Deadspin    Nets Try To Trick Fans Into Wearing Nets Gear
AP   Rick Pitino has always had success on the court
Bucks Diary     CP3 and KG overrated?? Iconoclasm for its own sake
Ridiculous Upside    We Want YOU... To Care About the NBA D-League
WHDH   Young Celtics fan gets a special visit from players
WMCTV  J-Will Could Still be in Grizzlies Future
Layup Drill    Who Stole Baron Davis’ Laptop?
Ball or Nuthin   Celtics Favorites Due to Ugly Frontcourt
Waiting for Next Year   Leon Powe To Give Cavaliers Needed Depth
Dimemag   Nobody Wants Quentin Richardson
NECN    Eddie House says Celtics made some great off-season moves
ProJo    Celtics’ roster is almost a final picture    Cleveland Cavaliers announce the signing of free agent forward Leon Powe
Fan IQ    Timberwolves Captains Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes Finally Speaking Up
The Urban Daily    VIDEO: Stephon Marbury Counsels A Crackhead
No Look Pass    Jimmy's Top 5 Teams That Had The Best Offseason    Leon Powe to join LeBron James and Cavs courtesy of two-year deal
NESN    With Key Additions, House Expecting Greatness for Celtics
Hoopsworld   NBA PM: Free Agency Favors East - Basketball News & NBA Rumors
Le Basketbrawl    The NBA Should Take Away Orlando’s Eastern Conference Title!