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In the "things you can't make up" department, Quentin Richardson has been traded once again... for Mark Blount.  That's right.  Blount goes back to the Twolves.  Tom Halzack (at his other gig) puts it into perspective for us.

Q's final summer stop is Miami. This is Richardson's 8th team in his career.

Adrian Wojnarowski has the news and says that Miami actually wants him. The Heat traded the highly desired Mark Blount for him as proof. Mark Blount. Now, that may be true, but you simply have to laugh at the unspoken significance of that trade. The Heat gave up a player they never wanted in the first place, with a well known self-centered attitude, and who rarely played. What arm twisting or sleight of hand did Minny do to pry Mark from their grasp?

Not much else in terms of news today, unless you want to keep talking about Leon Powe.  Or for something completely different, you can continue debating the need for a backup point guard.  At least Red's Army gives us some pretty graphs to look at.

Here's hoping the Daniels situation is resolved sometime soon.  Didn't someone report that it would be wrapped up this week?  I'm pretty sure we've heard that line before.