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Steve Weinman Covers The Rookie Photo Shoot

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From Celticsblog author, moderator, and all-around good guy Steve Weinman comes this interesting look at the NBA rookie photoshoot from

The rookies speak in virtual unison about the mood change from draft night to the photo shoot: They know where they will be come autumn.

"Everybody has their jersey on, everybody pretty much has their preference of where they're going to be at," Darren Collison (New Orleans Hornets) tells me. "There's no reason to be miserable. This is somewhere you want to be happy."

Jitters about falling out of the first round or making it into the draft at all fail to appear. Smiles, trick shots, happy munching on burgers, cookies and juice boxes (juice boxes!) and even an impromptu break-dancing contest do, but no worries.

Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia 76ers) gives me his best Kevin Garnett: "I'm on top of the world, and I'm not comin' down soon."

Everybody check it out.  And congrats, Steve, for hitting the big time.