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Daily Links 8/15

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Herald   Hoops: Player dies   NBA intern goes inside the ropes with the Class of 2009
CelticsBlog    Tony Allen: Waive, Work or Keep for Insurance?
Is The Answer An Option?
LOY's Place     In the Books - Red Auerbach On and Off the Court Part 1
Celtics 17   Power Outage: The Celtics Lost a Great Man

Red's Army    This makes you appreciate the Celtics a lot more
Cross another PG off the list
Perkisabeast     Paging Dr. Rosenpenis: Back from the Dead and Endearing himself to the Beast Lair
Celtics Circuit    Can the Pro Sports Writers Please Give Us Some Information?
NESN     Powe Opens Up About Leaving Boston
Celtics Town    Athletes' Tweets, Starring Latrell Sprewell
Lex Nihil Novi    Basketball is a Very Simple Sport
Shelden to Wear #13    Both Cleveland Cavaliers and Leon Powe are banking on winning a calculated risk: Analysis
FanHouse    Powe: 'Cavs Had More Belief in Me'
Dimemag    The experts pick LeBron & Shaq to win the East; Starbury is done
The worst starter in the NBA
Scouting the Sports     Top 10 NBA impact Moves for 2010
Vittorio de Zen   Looking Forward: Boston Celtics
Fox Sports    Rodman was a winner, but is Artest?
Waiting for Next Year   Leon Powe and the Perfect Quote Machine
Chronicle   Cavaliers’ Powe ready to pass test
Slam Online   Links: An Early Look At The Eastern Conference
Examiner    Stephon Marbury smokes marijuana for camera (video)
LA Times   Lakers and Celtics find a common opponent: cancer
Green Street    NBDL Tryouts to be Held in Boston