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Hoops Daily writer Joshua Motenko (the same guy who originally tipped us off that the Cavs were going to offer Leon a contract) has an interview with Leon.  Here's his take on the series of events.

What happened with Boston?  Why did you decide to sign with the Cavs?

There was no offer from Boston.  I waited a while, about a month or two, because I love Boston, I love the fans, I wanted to be there, but nothing happened.  Then Cleveland made their offer, and I had nowhere else to go, so I gave them my word that I’d go there.  You know, I’m the kind of person… I never go back on my word.  

After the Cavs made their offer, did you start getting other offers?

I got offers from Portland, Dallas, the Lakers said if they didn’t bring Odom back that there was definitely interest, Memphis, and then Boston made an offer, but I had already told Cleveland I was coming.

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