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Daily Links 8/17

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Herald    Marcin Gortat is OK after back injury, agent says
Heat guard James Jones gets richer by enriching others  Summer shuffling, done right, can turn a team around
Globe China adjusts to life without Yao
CelticsBlog   Hawks Add Joe Smith - Want To Join Contenders
LOY's Place   In the Books - Red Auerbach On and Off the Court Part 2
Red's Army    Leon: I Never Go Back on My Word
Daniels deal will be done soon

Celtics Circuit    Toronto Can't Compete With Us, Right?
Sports of Boston   Paul Pierce: 2008-2009 Celtics Player Review
Kevin Garnett: 2008-2009 Celtics Player Review
Celtics Hub   Report: Daniels Sign-and-Trade Unlikely
Celtics Town    The NBA's Top Ten Point Guards
Lex Nihil Novi    Reunited
1982 ECFs: Celtics 1, Bullets 0
Wilt & Sheed
Are the Celtics Big Spenders?
Why Lakers Fans are a Joke
Slam Online   Marquis Daniels Still Waiting on Boston
Boston Man Cave    Better than the Best? …Part 2
HoopsAddict   Leon Powe Gets One More Shot At Redemption
Sports Two   The NBA’s Top Ten Storylines For The 2009-10 Season
Wages of Wins Journal    Critiquing the Plan in Atlanta
Dimemag    D-Wade finds his politician side
CT News    Endless Summer: Surfing the Net - Pat Boone, Celtic basketball and Rosen’s lists
Inside Hoops    NBA Rumors: Monday, Aug 17
Indy Star    Are there 11 teams better than the Pacers in the East?
ESPN  KG to cross 40,000-minute threshold
JBomb  2009-2010 NBA Season Scenarios: Where Amazing Happens
FanHouse    Five Under-the-Radar Offseason Moves
Sun Sentinel     Wade learning how to play the game
Basketball Fan Site    The Orlando Magic: Ready to Roll in 2010
Hoopsworld    NBA's "Haves" Keep Spending
Bleacher Report    The Starbury Saga: What Does He Truly Want From the Internet?
NY Post   Stuff for a Sunday
Whixy    Why Orlando is Still the Team to Beat in the East