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Bruce Bowen Turns Down The Celtics?

Bowen reportedly declines to join Paul in Boston, at least right now
Bowen reportedly declines to join Paul in Boston, at least right now

Hoopsworld reports:

Sources close to the situation say Bowen is leaning heavily towards retirement, or at least sitting out until the regular season gets underway. The Boston Celtics were said to be aggressive in their pursuit of Bowen but were turned away. The common belief is that Bowen may pull a "P.J. Brown" and sit out until January, then joining a playoff team as a hired gun for the post-season.

While Sam Amico writes:

"There have been reports Boston was interested in Bowen, but he did not feel the same."

A couple of things here.  First, Hoopsworld isn't always the most reliable of sources, and that's putting it gently.  Also, it seems like Amico is simply relaying something that was already reported, so he very well could be piggy-backing off of the Hoopsworld story.

That being said, the story does make at least a modicum of sense.  If this is true, I guess this means that Danny really does buy into the "we don't need another point guard" argument.  The maximum number of players on a roster is 15.  Right now, we have 13 players under contract, with Marquis Daniels on the way.  Unless Danny can work some sort of trade (a sign-and-trade for Daniels, a 2-for-1, etc.), the next addition to the roster is probably the last one.

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