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Daily Links 8/18

Herald     Celtics Lester Hudson and Bill Walker help out with food donations
Louisville asked Rick Pitino to apologize
NBA: In court, not on
Report: Bucks deal Amir Johnson
Carmelo Anthony sues former business manager
Globe    Butler expected to help Clippers address weakness
Maryland judge's ruling a setback for Belkin

CelticsBlog   Building A Mystery In Minnesota
Bruce Bowen Turns Down The Celtics?
LOY's Place    Random Thoughts While Waiting For Marquis Daniels
Hoopsworld    Top Five NBA Offseason Moves
The Rookie Survey
Red's Army    Brendan Haywood should just worry about trying be good at basketball
Ron Artest Thinks He Signed With 90s Bulls
Will the 2010 Cavs Be Better Than 2009 Cavs?
Celtics Circuit    Don't Expect to See Bruce Bowen in Boston
Celtics Hub    Quickie: No Bowen
Celtics Town    The NBA's Top Ten Shooting Guards
Hardwood Houdini     Lil Penny & Hyperizers: commerials of the past and present.
Calling all freaks & geeks: we need a statistical revolution in the NBA
Fernsten's Follies     Wilt & Sheed
Lex Nihil Novi    1982 ECFs: Celtics 1, Sixers 0
1982 ECFs: Celtics 1, Sixers 1
1982 ECFs: Celtics 1, Sixers 2
JBomb  5 Greatest NBA Off-Season Trade Moves of the Decade
Depressed Fan    The Workload
Dimemag    Does anybody want David Lee?
NBA Trade Rumor: Knicks Pursuing Ricky Rubio
Ben Gordon: "In Detroit, I’ll Be Able to Do More Than Just Score."
Raptors Republic   Developing: Who wants Carlos Delfino?
CSNE    What Would Don Draper Do (as a Celtics' Fan)?
Stephon Marbury: Ex-NBA All-Star, Future Dancing With The Stars Champ
BasketBawful   The 2008-09 NBA Worsties: December
Philly Burbs    Memory Lane: Bird goes out on top
FanHouse     Signing Artest and Odom Make Lakers Offseason's Best
Will Bruce Bowen Play Next Season?
Celtics Are Offseason's Champions
NESN     Powe's Departure Not About Years or Money
Bill Russell Forms Unlikely Team With Lakers to Fight Common Enemy
Sir Charles in Charge    Chris Paul Tops NBA Point Guard Rankings
Today's Zaman    ‘12 Giant Men' clinch Game On basketball crown
Boston Man Cave    Better Than the Best? …Part 3
ACE Ticket    Celtics Frontcourt Looks Lethal
Washington Post   Heat, Hawks Make Moves
Dueling Couches    No Progress In Daniels To Celtics Trade
Sports Law Blog    Glen "Big Baby" Davis and The $500,000 Diet
Sports Humor     Worst Tattoos in Sports