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PBN's Early Look At The Atlantic

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It is still early for this sort of thing, but Pro Basketball News takes a shot at breaking down the offseasons for teams in the Atlantic.  Here are some thoughts on the Celtics.

Biggest risk: Playing chicken with RFA Glen "Big Baby" Davis" has been a calculated gamble by VP Danny Ainge, who was fortunate that his backup big did not get the mid-level exception from a desperate team. Davis still has to be brought back to fortify the frontcourt.

Vacancies: Assuming Davis returns to plug the frontcourt hole, the Celts still need a backup point guard to keep Rajon Rondo fresh -- and humble. There are plenty out there, but believing that Daniels and Eddie House can handle it will be a mistake come playoff time.

Overall grade: B. Can anyone really say the Celtics wouldn't have won the East if Garnett was healthy? They went out and got an insurance policy who plays for championships -- which is exactly what they intend on doing.

Raps got an A, Knicks and Nets got a C, and the Sixers got a D.