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Yep, It Is The OFFseason

I've been fighting this for a while.  There's a difference between the offseason and the OFFseason.  The draft and the initial push of free agency is actually really exciting stuff for diehards like you and me (and lets face if, if you are reading this blog today, you're a diehard if you like it or not).  The first part of the offseason can be like Christmas if your team is "going for it" and the owners are willing to spend money.  But like the day after Christmas, there's a letdown after that initial push to improve.

The waiting game is starting to drain us all.  I understand that in some cases patience is the best approach.  Some great signings happen later in the summer.  In fact, with a team with only the smallest of salary slots left, we might have to wait a while longer before we get anyone to settle for them.

So as the summer drags on, I usually am forced into OFFseason mode, where we typically start reliving the Celtics storied tradition by debating all-time teams and looking through the retired numbers.  I'm all for doing that, but I wish I didn't have to do it just yet.  I want to know if Baby is staying.  I want to see Daniels introduced at a press conference.  I want some assurance that we'll have someone besides House and Tony Allen backing up Rondo at the point.

...and I want to stop writing articles about having nothing new to write about.  So I guess I'll have to give in and open up the bag of offseason tricks soon.  But I'll drag my feet and pout about it for a few days first.

In the meantime, here's some other people who have already started the fun.  Enjoy.

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