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Nets On The Right Track?

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Devin Harris, Courtney Lee help give Nets promising future - Scott Howard-Cooper -

The Nets are set at point guard and center, and those are the toughest spots to fill. They have reason to be encouraged at shooting guard and small forward. The obvious reality check is that Harris is the only elite player at his position right now. Stars win games, and stars especially win playoff games, but the current roster is mostly complementary pieces.

That's where the cap space comes into play. The Nets are projected to have about $25 million in spending power next summer, depending how far south the economy drives the salary cap and, internally, their decisions on a few contract options. That money can buy a star, either next offseason in free agency or any time in a blockbuster that allows New Jersey to make a deal for an expensive, proven veteran without having to match salaries.

The Nets have more reason to be hopeful than a year ago at this time, and that's saying something in a youth movement. They have construction.

What do you think?  Could the Nets be on the track to becoming really good in a few years?  As we've discussed before, I think the Thunder are also building a solid foundation.  The Bobcats and Griz?  Not so much.  Who else could be good in a few years?  (remember when we were one of those teams?  wasn't that long ago)