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Hollinger Comments On The Celts

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I know we're all starved for Celtics news, or even commentary, these days, so here's John Hollinger with some thoughts on Marquis Daniels and the Celtics position in the East, from his ESPN chat:

manfrom (manila):  who should the celts sign as back up PG?

John Hollinger (3:41 PM):  They already have a deal with their guy, Marquis Daniels, they just haven't inked yet because they're desperately trying to make it a sign and trade. Daniels will play with House in the backcourt with the second unit and they'll trade assignments on D.
Jesus Shuttlesworth (Boston):  If daniels plays back-up point for the Celts, who backs up Pierce at the 3? And please don't say Tony "I have never seen a shot fake I didn't jump out of my shoes for" Allen.

John Hollinger (3:48 PM):  I like Allen better than you do, but I think he'll have a lot of competition from Bill Walker for those minutes ... if the Celtics don't trade him first.
Chris (Nevada):  Best in East in order 1) Magic 2) Celts 3) Cleveland Tell me im correct

John Hollinger (3:07 PM): I think it's basically a dead heat between Orlando and Cleveland at the top; I have to pick one of them eventually but will take my sweet time. Boston to me is clearly third in the pecking order based on their age issues and the uncertainty with how Garnett can come back. The other oddity about the East is the rock-paper-scissors nature of the match-ups last season -- Orlando beats Cleveland, Cleveland beats Boston, Boston beats Orlando. If that holds up this season, playoff seedings could matter even more than usual.

I can't say that I agree with the Celtics being the clear #3 team in the East, especially with the Celts getting better and Orlando arguably getting worse.