Arroyo to the Celtics?

At least according to ESPN's Alfredo Berrios, who cites various league sources that suggest that Arroyo plans an NBA return with either the Celtics or the Bucks.

According to several sources, Arroyo, represented by Leon Rose, is in talks to join either the Boston Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks. However, both teams told's Chris Sheridan that they have had no contact whatsoever with Arroyo or his representatives.

On Saturday, El Nuevo Dia, a newspaper out of Puerto Rico, reported that Arroyo was close to signing a deal with the Chicago Bulls. According to the report, the agreement would be for one season and $1 million.


Arroyo, for all practical purposes, is a fairly solid backup point who last played for Orlando, and would round out the Celtics' backcourt rotation nicely. The Bucks' interest also suggests that they've all but lost interest in retaining Sessions or have worked out a deal with another team (likely the Clippers).

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