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Catching Up With Big Baby

Jeff Goodman caught up with Glen Big Baby Davis and reveals some interesting info about his status.

First the big news:

According to sources close to the situation, the Celtics brass believes that Davis will be back in Boston next season – either with a multi-year deal worth in the neighborhood of $2 million per year or for a qualifying offer in which Davis would still remain a restricted free agent after next season.

The $2M offer sounds a good deal lower than what he and his agent are looking for, so it is no surprise that he's still looking around.  Also, I wasn't aware that he would still be restricted after next year if he only took the qualifying offer.

Next, it does sound like he's got an offer on the table for multiple years from the Celtics.

Davis said he’s fielded interest from several teams, including New Jersey, Charlotte, Cleveland and Detroit – although it seems far-fetched that any of those teams will offer Davis anything more attractive than the multi-year deal that has been proposed by Celtics boss Danny Ainge.

Other notes:

  • He wants playing time, but would be patient if he was to return to the Celtics.
  • "Many teams – according to multiple sources - are also fearful of his weight issues and inability to play above the rim."
  • There's speculation that the Celtics would match up to only $3.5M, but nobody knows for sure.
  • Celtics are looking at Shelden Williams as an insurance policy (given recent injuries), not a replacement for Davis.

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