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Report: Marquis Daniels Signing Tomorrow?

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Will Daniels be in green tomorrow?
Will Daniels be in green tomorrow?

Steve Bulpett reports that the Marquis Daniels saga may be coming to an end:

The long wait for Marquis Daniels is nearing its end. According to sources, the Celtics expect to sign the 6-foot-6 swingman tomorrow to a contract for the biannual exception.

The delay in getting Daniels officially into Green was caused by the team trying to work out a sign-and-trade that would benefit both the Celts and Indiana, the club Daniels is leaving.

The Celtics were hoping to make such a move to clear some roster space while getting Daniels more than the nearly $2 million he will get for 2009-10. Had they been able to come up with something palatable for all sides -- a three-team trade was being sought -- the Pacers would have been able to get something for their departing free agent.