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'Toine's Shine and Blackout

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Interesting read about one of the most polarizing players ever to wear Celtics green.  (Side story: a friend of mine borrowed my Walker jersey about 5 or 6 years ago and just returned it to me last weekend.  Maybe I'll end up on this website someday.  I'm excited.)

Walker was one of my favorite Celtics but he was also one of the most frustrating players to watch ever.  Here is a sample of what SLAM magazine had to say about him.

The problem with Antoine is generally the same problem that plagued Derrick Coleman and Rasheed Wallace-he just didn't care enough. He didn't care that he could've been the greatest power forward to play.

Whereas DC wanted to collect his money, and Rasheed hides his apathy behind a boisterous personality, Antoine was extravagant in many ways. I always adored his shimmy shake, and I loved that he was virtually unguardable when he actually was really trying to win. But those times as a professional really seemed rare, and sadly enough, the acquisition of Paul Pierce as a co-alpha dog contributed to his nonsensical play, almost as if he acted out to gain attention.

There's more there - it is a good read.  They don't talk about his recent arrest, which is nice because it focuses mostly on his on-court play (a big enough topic in itself).

In other power forward news, Kevin Henkin rehashes the Powe vs. Baby argument.

Also, an article looking (statistically) at the overpaid and underpaid players of the league last year.  Isn't it great to have no Celtics on the overpaid list and to see Rondo at #3 on the underpaid list?