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Big Baby Twitter Is A Fake

Well if you can't believe twitter accounts anymore, what can you believe?  Looks like we've been hooked into a hoax.  Big Baby denies that the twitter account (bigbabybball) is his.  Via the Herald.

Celtics forward Glen Davis, whose name was attached to a rambling string of comments on decrying the lack of progress in his negotiations with the Celtics, told Danny Ainge today that the comments were posted by an unknown imposter.

The power forward, a restricted free agent, has not received an offer sheet from another team this summer, and only recently started talking actual numbers with the Celtics, who reportedly made an offer than was not deemed acceptable by the Davis camp.

But Davis, who is working out in Houston, quickly called Ainge today once his "tweeted" comments started to gain attention.

(Cue the twitter haters.)

I'll point out that twitter does track down tweeting celebrities to verify that they are actually who they say they are and puts a "verified" star on their accounts.  The fake Big Baby account had no such label.  Nor does the Marquis Daniels one that has been seen lately.

Twitter has also been subject to "denial-of-service" attacks all day and has been down most of the day.

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