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Baby And C's Discussing 2-3 Year Deals

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Hey, here's a new idea, lets talk about Big Baby.
Hey, here's a new idea, lets talk about Big Baby.

According to the Herald, Big Baby hasn't received an offer sheet.  Perhaps it is semantics, but it should be noted that he probably has discussed numbers with a number of clubs and might even have a few verbal numbers from the Celtics, but once again, nothing in writing.  Here's the report from the Herald:

The power forward, a restricted free agent, has not received an offer sheet from another team this summer, and only recently started talking actual numbers with the Celtics, who reportedly made an offer than was not deemed acceptable by the Davis camp. Negotiations are now focused on a contract that will cover from two to three years.

To me it sounds like he is willing to accept that he's not going to get a knock-your-socks-off offer from another team.  He knows he has no leverage with the Celtics and isn't getting them to go any higher.  He could still take the qualifying offer and play the field next year but there's always a risk of injury.  So perhaps the best idea is to take a 2 or 3 year deal at middle-of-the-road money and see if his career takes off after that.  I would speculate that he's probably looking for a player option on the 3rd year to give himself flexibility.

From a career standpoint, it might make the most sense anyway.  He stepped up big last year when called upon, but he's got some holes in his game he needs to work on.  On the Celtics, with Sheed added to the roster, he can expect to be pushed down the depth chart again.  However, as the vets age over the next few years Doc is going to need to lean on the younger legs more and more.  If Baby can improve his game, he might be in position to take over when the old guard moves on.

We'll see how this plays out.  It looks like Ainge read the market right and was correct in believing that Davis would be back.  It seems like we haven't seen any sign-and-trade deals that all parties are happy with, so the most simple solution is probably the best one.

In other roster news, there is no other roster news.  I find it interesting that Shelden Williams hasn't signed a contract yet or been introduced at a press conference yet.  It's not that I think he's not going to sign.  I just think that Ainge is keeping his last few roster spots flexible.  He still has to work out a deal for Daniels or sign him outright.  It sounds like the Cavs aren't interested in Bowen any longer, so he may be another option.  Danny still has to find a backup point guard.  Maybe a trade will happen that requires us to take back an extra body.  Perhaps he won't be able to move Tony Allen for anything but a protected 2nd rounder and he's exploring all his other options first. 

We may find out all the answers next week or we may have to wait till training camp before we find out for sure.  So by all means, keep checking CelticsBlog 10 times a day to find out more!