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Daniels Deal Likely Done This Week

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The Herald is churning out the reports.  Here's the latest:

The Celtics also want to wrap up business with free agent swingman Marquis Daniels by the end of the week. They had hoped to arrange a sign-and-trade deal with Indiana - in part to give Daniels a heftier salary, and in part to move guard Tony Allen. But Pacers president Larry Bird, who is attempting to change a pattern of bad off-court behavior associated with Indiana, was said to be staunchly opposed to bringing on the troubled Allen.

The Celtics have not found a third team to help facilitate a sign-and-trade arrangement with the Pacers, meaning that Daniels will most likely sign for the $1.9 million biannual exception. He has made a verbal commitment to join the Celtics - either by a sign-and-trade deal or for the biannual exception.

The report also indicates that Big Baby may be getting a player option on a 3rd year.