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Hudson Still An Option At PG

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Via the Globe:

The Celtics’ waiving of point guard Gabe Pruitt could open an opportunity for Lester Hudson, the team’s only draft choice this year. Hudson, recovering from a broken finger, is expected to return to full-speed workouts in two weeks. The Celtics are deciding whether to go for an experienced backup for Rajon Rondo, 23, or give Hudson, who is a year and a half older than Rondo, a chance.

Hudson appeared on the verge of getting into a rhythm when he was injured in the Orlando Summer League last month; in 44 minutes of playing time, he shot 6 for 14 from the field, missing all six 3-pointers attempted.

"There are so many free agents available at the minimum they can get,’’ said Lance Young, Hudson’s agent. "It depends on what direction they want to go - with someone more experienced as a mentor for Rondo, or go with Lester, who can do more things but is learning.

"Minicamp and Summer League were an eye-opener for the Celtics. They knew [Hudson] could score, but the leadership and defense he brought was a surprise. He didn’t talk junk, he just did his work and went about his business.

"The Celtics are trying to win a championship and they don’t need someone coming in who might be the 14th or 15th man trying to be a big shot.’’

Hudson’s versatility and shooting ability would make him a viable candidate to play in Europe.

"Europe is something we’re exploring, but Lester is 100 percent NBA - he believes he is an NBA player and doesn’t want to settle for less,’’ Young said. "He’s a pretty determined kid and he’s already overcome mountains to get to this point.’’