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Aldridge Offseason Rankings (Celtics 3rd)

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David Aldridge ranks the offseasons and puts the Celtics 3rd (behind San Antoino and LA).  Here's what he had to say about the Celts (h/t Red's Army)


DA's Offseason Rank: No. 3

Last season: 62-20, first place, Atlantic; Lost in second round of playoffs.

Added: F/C Rasheed Wallace (free agent, Detroit; two years, $11.6 million), Marquis Daniels (free agent, Indiana)

Lost: F Leon Powe

Retained: None

The key man: C Kendrick Perkins. He's the glue to Boston's halfcourt defense, and showed he could handle a little more of the offensive load after Garnett went down. But chronic shoulder problems are a concern.

The skinny: The 6-foot-10 Wallace makes the Celtics the Lakers East -- potentially huge in the frontcourt alongside the 6-foot-11 Garnett and Perkins (6-foot-10). They can send defenders from all angles, and their length will make passing out of the double team difficult. Daniels will be a solid backup for Rajon Rondo. Garnett has been a maniac this summer, recovering from the knee injury that kept him out of the playoffs. When he's back, Boston's back.

I'm not sure I consider Daniels the backup for Rondo except in a pinch, but we'll see how the rest of the summer goes.  Nice to hear that Garnett has "been a maniac this summer," but honestly, has he ever been anything but a maniac?  Just hope he's healthy, that's all I can ask because Aldridge is right:  If KG is back, Boston is back, bench or no bench.