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I Hope I'm Wrong About Lester Hudson

Lester the Molester (he needs a better nickname)
Lester the Molester (he needs a better nickname)

I'll keep this one short and sweet because I don't have much to go on.

Lester Hudson seems like a good guy.  If you read this interview with him, you can't help but pull for him.  In fact, everything you read about him seems to be positive.  Ainge has maintained that he's an option as a backup point guard and used a draft pick to get him.

So why don't I believe?

For starters, I think only an exceptional talent is going to be able to crack this rotation as a rookie.  I am partial to "true point guards" so I'm already skeptical about a scoring combo guard coming out of a small college where he was the brightest star - perhaps in the whole league.

If he does end up making the roster, I don't believe he'll see any court time and I think he'll spend his winter in Maine with the Red Claws.  That's not a bad thing in itself, but it also would most likely mean that we couldn't find anyone else to fill out our roster (barring a trade).

So call my a cynic.  Call me a scrooge.  I'm just not all that into Lester Hudson.  But I hope I'm wrong.  I hope he blows us all away in camp and forces his way into the rotation to make an impact.  He's got a lot of doubters (like me).  But he's got a golden opportunity to prove us all wrong.

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