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Ainge Confirms Rondo Talks Will Begin

Ainge will talk with Rondo about extension
Ainge will talk with Rondo about extension

Frank Dell'Apa reports:

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge confirmed today the Celtics will begin contract negotiations with Rondo, who has one year remaining on his contract and is seeking an extension, and agent Bill Duffy.

"We'll have an opportunity to sit down with Rajon and get something done," Ainge said before the Shamrock golf tournament at Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord. "Those conversations won't take a long time, I don't think. Rajon is in a situation where we certainly want him and consider him a big part of our future. This time of year, it's one of those circumstances where we would want a deal that's good for us and gives us security and he wants a deal that's good for him. I think we'll know after a few conversations if we are close and whether we can get a deal done or not. I haven't had a conversation with him. I don't think they know where I stand and I don't know where they stand, so, at some point we'll get together and have that discussion."

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