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Daily Links 9/18

Herald    Pistons’ Ben Wallace does uplifting deed
Trail Blazers sign Juwan Howard
NBA refs expect lockout
Thunder’s Kevin Durant gaining celebrity status
Danny Ainge plans to talk
Notes from Nashawtuc
Green on the green
Globe  Ainge to Rondo: We'll talk
Dickau Still Deciding
Rivers sees new Celtics adding a lot
MetroWest Daily    Celtics' Ray Allen praises Pagliuca's Senate run
Garnett good to go for Celtics

Celtics Hub   Why the C’s Should Wait on Rondo Extension
Cleveland is Sort of Cocky
Nuggets From Doc’s Interview–Marquis, Crunch Time, More
CelticsBlog    Point Forward, KG's Knee, and the Last Roster Spot
Tony Allen: Seldom Unmasked Potential
LOY's Place   In the Books - Let Me Tell You a Story Part 2
Random Thoughts 11 Days Until Training Camp
Dimemag  5 Players I Love to Hate, But I’d Still Want Them on My Team5 Players I Love to Hate, But I’d Still Want Them on My Team
Rudy, Pau & Rubio stomp France; Gilbert Arenas’ big mouth is back
5 Second Rounders Who Will Make A Difference
The Wizards Could Win The Championship This Year
Examiner   Lose baby weight with Pilates and Celtic's stars wife
Celtics 101: Who are the notable coaches in Celtics history?
Hoops Addict   Pierce Needs A Shadow
ESPN   Sheridan: Spokesman for NBA referees says lockout 'imminent'
Boston Celtics memories: Title No. 17 tops our list of the best moments of the decade
Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics making progress in recovery
Red's Army   "‘Somebody better get out on me! I’m hot."
Ainge: We want Rondo
Celtics Circuit     Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace Will Impact Celtics
Celtics Town   Rajon Rondo's Contract Extension Should Be Taken Care of Quickly
Fernsten's Follies   Doc and Danny: Garnett Will Be Ready for Camp
Lex Nihil Novi    A Splash of Sunlight
The "KG's Tendons are Stapled" Rumor
Celtics Life   CelticsLife: Learning about Marquis
CT News    CelticsLife: Learning about Marquis
Green Street   Garnett finds way to stay in the game
Scalabrine Supports Pagliuca’s Senate Run
All Headline News   Celtics Upcoming Season Prospects Improving As Garnett Makes Progress
Sports of Boston   From Gameday to Election Day: The Political Athlete
National Post   Sports stars haven't always made great actors
Inside Hoops    NBA refs lockout unavoidable?
SB Nation    Be Warned, NBA: Garnett Getting Closer to Full Strength
Fox Sports    Why there's a shortage of quality big men Paul Pierce says Boston Celtics, not the Cleveland Cavaliers, are the team to beat
Bleacher Report  Boston Celtics J. R. Giddens: The Forgotten
Sign, Sealed, Oh, He'll Deliver: Top NBA Free Agents Destined for Breakout Seasons
ProJo    Rondo seeking new contract with the Celtics
Pierce says Celtics are NBA's team to beat
LeBasketbawl    Could Ainge Be Stupid Enough To Let Rondo Walk Away?
Courtside View    Ray Allen already finding ways to win with ‘Sheed
Yahoo Celtics co-owner announcing campaign at team arena
Hoopsworld    NBA At 2: Best NBA Game Ever?
NESN   Danny Ainge Happy With Kevin Garnett's Progress, Claims KG 'Looks Good'
CSNE    No Longer Sealed: NBA Refs give Lip to Stern
MLive    With comparable talent, why don't some NBA players attain greatness?
Bucks Diary    Kevin Garnett's Win Resume since 2002-03
Heels on Hardwood   Match Ups – Toronto Raptors v/s Boston Celtics    Wolves' Jefferson eager to put knee injury behind him

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