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Camp Questions: How Healthy Is KG?

7 Days Till Camp!  Leading up to the opening of training camp on Sept. 28 we'll be taking a look at several questions that should be resolved by the end of camp.

As discussed earlier this summer, the question about Kevin Garnett's health is the most important factor this season.  Not just for the Celtics, but perhaps for the whole league.

Every report coming from the team and mainstream media is that KG is on target but taking things slowly out of precaution.  However, Bill Simmons is waving a red warning flag that Garnett's injury is more serious than expected and the team's "Belichikian" evasiveness last year isn't helping many fans to take them at their word. 

With that said, the staff has been careful not to declare him 100%.  So it seems like shades of gray we are talking about here.  He's probably not full recovered, but he doesn't have to be fully recovered until the games start to count.  Perhaps it will take some time to get him into playing shape.  If it were up to me, I'd keep him on a strict pitch count anyway.

The only way we're going to know for sure is when he steps on the court and plays.  And even then we'll have to hope that he'll be ready for the playoffs after a long, grueling season.  Rasheed is a nice piece of insurance, but if KG goes down again, the road to Banner 18 will be once again be a long one.

A lot is riding on Garnett's health.  Here's hoping he's 100% sooner rather than later and more importantly still healthy throughout the playoffs.

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