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Camp Questions: Giddens vs. Walker

Which one will get his number called?
Which one will get his number called?

5 Days Till Camp! Leading up to the opening of training camp on Sept. 28 we'll be taking a look at several questions that should be resolved by the end of camp.

Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens were the designated "rookies that get no playing time" last year. They have a chance to take on a bigger role on this year's team, but they'll have to impress in camp.

Danny and Doc have hinted in the past that there was only room for one of them. I assume that means in the rotation, but they could be talking about on the roster as well.

Walker saw more court time last year but during summer league the team declared that Giddens had caught up with Walker. This should be one of the more interesting camp battles to watch.

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