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Who's Left?

For some reason, most of these guys are still available...
For some reason, most of these guys are still available...

Following up on Jeff's article yesterday about the 15th roster spot, here's a look at some of the remaining unrestricted free agents:

PGsCarlos Arroyo, Chucky Atkins, Dan Dickau, Tyronn LueStephon Marbury, Mike Taylor, Jamaal TinsleyJacque Vaughn

SGsJuan Dixon, Bobby Jackson, Flip Murray, Rashad McCants

SFsGerald Green, Joey Graham, Stephen Graham, Darius Miles, Wally Szczerbiak, Ime Udoka

PFsRaef LaFrentz, Mark Madsen, Stromile Swift, Antoine Walker

CsMark Blount (pending release), Dwayne Jones, Courtney SimsRobert Swift

Obviously, none of the names above are spectacular.  However, there are a few players who could help teams that are in need of some depth. 

For the Celtics' purposes, none of the above is a perfect fit, of course; if they were, they'd probably be here already.  I really like Bobby Jackson as a player, but he's a bit long in the tooth, and one wonders if he could play beside Eddie House in the backcourt.  Jamaal Tinsley is a mess.  Chucky Atkins is ancient, and his game is in decline (although he's another guy I've always liked).  Flip Murray can't stick with a team, and has always seemed like a "scoring first, second, and last" type of guy.  Wally is...  well, he's Wally.  He's a good shooter, but he's not going to bring much else to the table, especially on the defensive end (although, in his defense, I will say that he played strong defense on Ray Allen in the playoffs).

So, in the end maybe none of them makes sense, and it's a better strategy to maintain roster flexibility to sign a free agent during the season or to take back players in a 1-for-2 deal.

Update:  Dan Dickau has turned down the Celtics invitation to camp and will attend the Suns camp instead (Source: Globe)

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