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Camp Questions: What Is Tony Allen's Role?

Is there a role for Tony Allen?
Is there a role for Tony Allen?

4 Days Till Camp!  Leading up to the opening of training camp on Sept. 28 we'll be taking a look at several questions that should be resolved by the end of camp.

I think Bent accurately described most fans' feelings about Tony Allen

I, like many of you, really want to support Tony.  He's an infectiously enthusiastic guy that isn't expensive, came through the system and has, at times, seemed to be progressing towards becoming a productive and talented NBA player.  However, even during his better performances, he can suddenly make an inexplicably bad decision and even during a solid run of games, he can suddenly lay an egg at the worst possible time.  You just can't trust him.

The team has brought in Marquis Daniels.  We already had Eddie House and (as discussed yesterday) Giddens and Walker are going to be pushing for more playing time.  But Tony is still here despite the team's efforts to trade him for a bag of Spaldings (actually for the right to pay Daniels a little more and to open up a roster spot).

He can still play and he does have certain skill-sets that could be useful.  But what is his role on this team?  Depending on how camp plays out, it could be anything from key sub to inactive to "traded for a future protected 2nd rounder."  Personally I think he'd be a much better fit on a rebuilding team like Minnesota or Memphis.

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