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Camp Questions: Will The House/Daniels Combo Work?

3 Days Till Camp!  Leading up to the opening of training camp on Sept. 28 we'll be taking a look at several questions that should be resolved by the end of camp.

So far, much to my chagrin, Danny hasn't signed anyone to be the backup point guard.  So we're left with creative solutions like using House and Daniels as a hybrid PG combo.  Hollinger explained:

Look for him to pair with Daniels off the bench: Daniels will handle the ball while House spots up on the wing, and the two will trade assignments on defense.

We've also heard Daniels referred to as a "point forward."  I'm skeptical, but I also see the method in the madness.  Bringing in a backup PG does limit the time House is on the floor to backing up Ray Allen and serving as a 3rd PG option.  Throw in Daniels as an option to back up Ray Allen and Pierce and you have a bit of a minutes crunch.

My main hesitation revolves around the fact that I love true point guards and I believe very strongly in their ability to orchestrate the flow of the offense.  The good ones can sense when we need to push it and when to pull it back.  When to feed the post and when to drive and dish.  Having a guy like Daniels get the ball over half court and hand it off to Pierce sounds like it would make the offense a little slow and predictable.

But I could be wrong.  Maybe I'm underestimating Quisy.  Maybe everything will work out fine.  Maybe this is the best possible solution. 

Or maybe Lester Hudson will wow everyone and force himself into the equation.  Or maybe the team will surprise us and bring in someone at the last minute who wins the job.  Or maybe the team will once again look on the post-trade-deadline scrap heap for a PG cut loose from their contract.

All I know is that I'll be interested to see how this whole point forward thing works out.

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