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Celtics Stuff Live 9/24: Sean Grande & Gary Washburn

Celtics Stuff Live is unfortunately not live this week, but in return for this transgression, Jon and Justin were able to tape a show Thursday evening to get a few thoughts out prior to the start of Celtics training camp next week, reacquaint our viewers with the dulcet tones of Sean Grande, and introduced the newest member of the Boston Globe, Gary Washburn. Csl_on_csnne_medium

Gary, not unlike his predecessor, is a Californian, which worked out well for the C’s in 2008, so we can only hope that trend can continue in 2010. Jon and Justin’s interview with Gary should help Celtics fans understand the background of the newest writer on the beat. Gary was very familiar with the players, having even covered Pierce in high school, but also the salary cap situation and the team’s ability to compete for free agents next summer. No doubt this will be the first of many visits for Gary to CSL.

Next up, Jon and Justin ran down the latest on the Delonte West weapons charge, the referee lockout, and the potential purchase of the New Jersey Nets by a Russian billionaire.

To wrap up the show, Sean Grande joined Celtics Stuff Live to catch the fellas up on where things stand with Kevin Garnett’s knee and the minor internet controversy created by Bill Simmons. Jon was not very complimentary of Simmons and his Screamin’ Mimi routine of jumping up and down and wondering why others weren’t doing the same. Sean agreed with Simmons that this was a serious injury, but Jon still did not see the need for these histrionics over matters that have already been discussed. In other words, nothing to see here… please move along.

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