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Camp Questions: How Will Sheed Fit In?

2 Days Till Camp!  Leading up to the opening of training camp on Sept. 28 we'll be taking a look at several questions that should be resolved by the end of camp.

Last year the most glaring need on the team was depth in the post.  That need became more and more glaring as we lost KG and Powe, forcing Big Baby into a larger role and prompting the Mikki Moore experiment that we're all still trying to forget.

Despite being over the luxury tax line, Danny got the green light to throw the full MLE at Rasheed Wallace.  On paper he's a perfect fit.  He's a former All Star and NBA champion big man who defends and stretches the floor with his shooting.  You couldn't ask for a better offseason addition ...provided he plays close to his former standards.

For the past year or year and a half, he's played somewhat disinterested and unmotivated - in part because management decided that it was time to break up the nucleus of the most consistent contending team in the last decade.

The hope is that this fresh start is just what he needs to get motivated and passionate about the sport again.  The hope is that his outbursts at the refs will be the extend of his anger management issues.  The hope is that he's still got 2 or 3 years left and that he can add to his Championship belt collection.

It always takes a little time to get to know one's teammates and find their place in the rotation.  It will be interesting to see how much he plays at center and how much he backs up Garnett.  My feeling is that he will start off the bench, but finish on the court in place of Perkins.

So what's the over/under on number of games before his first technical?

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