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The Most Important Invisible Man In Boston

Quick, who is the most important man to the Celtics title hopes that is almost never talked about?

The answer: Trainer Ed Lacerete

I bring this up because he was recently honored by his peers.  In fact, they named an award after him.

Mike Fine has the story:

BOSTON (September 25, 2009) – The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) has recognized Boston Celtics Athletic Trainer Ed Lacerte by creating and awarding him the Ed Lacerte Service Award.  Lacerte was honored at an awards ceremony held in Chicago in May for his contributions and exceptional service and assistance to the NBATA.

Congrats to man who has been overseeing the health of the Celtics for over 22 years.  He deserves some recognition.  Because despite his importance, he's hardly ever talked about.  He's like that guy that is in the background of all the yearbook pictures but never featured.  Yet he literally holds the fate of the franchise in his hands (as he stretches out KG's knee in a rehab workout).

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