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Daily Links 9/26

Herald   Bulls’ Derrick Rose says he took SAT
New 76ers coach Eddie Jordan gives reporters an offense lesson, Princeton style
Raptors F Chris Bosh expected to miss start of camp
Globe  Jackson mulling distractions as Lakers open season
Parker, Leslie help Sparks even West finals
Celtics' trainer Lacerte awarded

CelticsBlog  Camp Questions: Will The House/Daniels Combo Work?
The Most Important Invisible Man In Boston
LOY's Place    In the Books - Let Me Tell You a Story Part 6
Random Thoughts 4 Days Until Training Camp
ESPN    NBA Basketball Power Rankings
Red's Army     The Truth: "... we're going to win it all."
Celtics Circuit    Pierce Talks Bill Clinton, KG and About Being a General Manager
Celtics  Hub    A Reminder of KG’s Awesomeness
Friday Fun with Numbers: The ‘08 C’s–Greatest Defensive Team in Modern NBA History?
Celtics Town    Paul Pierce's talk is more than just bravado
Lex Nihil Novi     The Ming Vase of NBA Knees
Might Jesus have a Career Season?
Raptors Making a Play for Garnett (1995)
Join the Celtics' Grassy Knoll Network
Celtics Life     The death of the pick up game
Why the Lakers won't repeat in 2010    Mogul's attempt to buy Nets draws criticism in Russia
Dimemag    Mario Chalmers’ secret hit list; Boozer happy to be back in Utah
CT News     Cleveland Cavaliers: Title Quest
PBN     Celtics reload for another title run
SportScape      A Reminder To Athletes About How Twitter Works
SacBee    Despite a good run, Jackson's career wanes
Inside Hoops     Timberwolves, Antonio Daniels agree to part ways
Bleacher Report    Jeremiah Rivers: The Best Player You Havn't Heard Of
48 Minutes of Hell     Comparing Greatness: ‘05 Spurs vs. ‘08 Celtics
Real GM    Pacers Extend Coach O'Brien's Contract
NECN     Ray Allen: Focus on championship, not extension
E Online     Lamar Odom: Eyes Only for Khlo� at Bachelor Party
The Painted Area     NBA Decade 2000s: Players
Waiting for Next Year      NBA Rumors: Cavs to Add Another Guard?
Sir Charles in Charge     Putting a Number on Things – Atlantic Division
The Q6 Foundation     About Q6 - The Q6 Foundation
Slam Online    Paul Pierce Guarantees a Title, Conditionally
CBS Sports    Pierce dishes Truth on Clinton, Garnett, Celtics' title hopes

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