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Lester Hudson and Mike Sweetney Get Contracts

Lester Hudson is happy about signing
Lester Hudson is happy about signing

Mark Murphy reports:

Rookie Lester Hudson, who has worked out patiently all summer without a contract, walked onto the floor with a new one-year deal in hand.

"I was very anxious about it," he said. "But it’s a great feeling. I got to work out with all of the guys on this team."

Hudson appears to be the last guard - and the 15th man - on the roster.

Presumably, this is a non-guaranteed deal, because Bill Doyle says Mike Sweetney got a deal, too:

The Celtics begin training camp with 16 players, one over the maximum, after the signings of second-round pick Lester Hudson and free agent forward Michael Sweetney. Still recovering from offseason foot surgery, Tony Allen isn’t ready to go full tilt yet.

I can't imagine that Sweetney will make the team, but you never know.  If he does, it means somebody else needs to go, the two most likely candidates by far being Hudson or Tony.

Update: Here's some quotes on Tony Allen from Scott Souza:

Ainge elaborated: "Well, we were hoping Tony would be ready to go by training camp. It’s just not coming along as quickly as we wanted. We’ll take it week by week. He probably won’t do much this first week and we’ll evaluate it next week."

On whether this puts Allen behind, especially given the offseason addition of versatile swingman Marquis Daniels: "It puts him behind everybody until he can play. You’ve always got to remember that the most important ability is availability. So as long as he’s in street clothes, he doesn’t have a job.

"We’re confident Tony will be healthy sometime in October. Where his spot is in the rotation will be determined by Tony’s play and by Doc."

Yeah, that didn’t sound positive.

Yeah, not so much.

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