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2nd Unit Impresses Doc

Julian Benbow reports:

"The biggest thing that stood out to me today was the second unit,'' Rivers said. "I bet Marquis played point 75 percent of the time, Eddie 25 percent, and they've already figured out the rhythm of whoever has the ball, that's the point guard in our offense.

"They just know how to play. And I thought for the first time in two years - last year I didn't think we had that - the first unit had to play today, because the second unit was capable. The second unit beat them a couple of times, which was great.''

The first-unit players were still trying to jell with Garnett back in the mix, but they couldn't help but be impressed.

"They looked really good,'' said Pierce. "You've got guys who understand the game. You have such a high IQ on the second unit, and that's something we haven't had here in a while.

"Our second unit could be a starting unit for a lot of teams around the league.''

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