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CSN: Rondo Worked With Mark Price On Jumper

via Gant on RealGM

Former Providence coach Tim Welsh said on CSN that Rondo went to Atlanta and worked with Mark Price on his shooting all summer. Welsh said before Rondo was a bad shooter and now he is an average shooter. Apparently Rondo has corrected the flaw in his shooting form.

Welsh said Rondo worked out every day all summer with Price and that he's keeping his elbow in now. Welsh expects him to take many jumpers in preseason to get his confidence [up].

There's a lot of "if's" on this team that hedge expectations on the downside.  If KG isn't healthy... If the old guys get worn down... etc.

So it is nice to balance that with a few "if's" on the upside.  If Rondo can develop an "average" jump shot, ...well, wow.

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