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Walker Getting MRI on Right Knee

The Globe reports:

NEWPORT, R.I -- Swingman Bill Walker left practice Wednesday and is headed for Boston to get an MRI on his surgically repaired right knee. Walker tore his left ACL while at Kansas State and then hurt the right knee in a workout with the Golden State Warriors in July 2008 and then had surgery a few weeks later.

Walker, who played 29 games last season with the Celtics and also spent time in the NBDL, likely won't play a significant role early in the season. It is uncertain when Walker will return to training camp.

Also via the Celtics twitter:

Bill Walker did not practice & returned to Boston for MRI on his right knee.

More notes and video from practice at

Update: If this MRI reveals something serious, it could be yet another opportunity for Tony "Nine Lives" Allen to prove his worth.  He was practicing again today.  Tell me if any of these quotes sound familiar from him:

"My foot is all right, it's cool. It's day-to-day I feel," Allen said after practice. " Some days are better than others. All I gotta work on right now is my confidence. I gotta get healthy man, that's all I am focused on. I ain't focused on nothing else. I ain't focused on nothing but that and what I can do to help the team. That's all I am focused on right now."

Can't argue with anything he's saying, I'm just pointing out that we hear the same thing every year.

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