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Breaking News: Vince Carter Is Bad At Defense

Just found this report to be amusing.  (via Fanhouse)

Vince Carter -- the eight-time All-Star -- caught Van Gundy's wrath Wednesday, just the second day of training camp. Often treated with kid gloves during his time in New Jersey, Carter became the example of what not to do late in the morning practice.

"He (Carter) did not play well defensively today. He didn't do a good job out there. He's capable of doing a lot better, and that's what I want to see," Van Gundy said. "As a matter of fact, we'll talk to him about that and show him some (film) clips tomorrow."

Van Gundy was particularly upset when Carter fell asleep on one defensive possession, allowing J.J. Redick to catch and score on a back-door play.

File this under "stuff you should have thought about before making the trade."  

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