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Daily Links 9/4

 Herald    Green’s familiar to Ray Allen
Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis adds a trio with aspirations and experience as his assistants
Globe    Red Claws set to name assistants
Atty. says Dirk Nowitzki's ex-fiancee not pregnant
CelticsBlog    Ten minutes is too long!
ESPN Picks East Champs (C's Get 25% of Votes)

LOY's Place    In the Books - Second Wind Memoirs of an Opinionated Man Part 7
NESN    Ron Artest Has No Future as Singer
Red's Army    Mikki never wanted to come to Boston
The NBA could decide to ruin Twitter
CSNE     Covering the Celtics the Yahoo! Way      
Celtics Circuit    PBN Ranks the Top Point Guards
Celtics Hub   On Bruce Bowen and Retired Numbers
Celtics Town  Brian Scalabrine, Ready For Doc To Call His Name
Fernsten's Follies   Why Didn't Doc use Ray Allen at the Point in the 2008 Playoffs?
Lex Nihil Novi     Ode to Tiny (1983)
Cousy's First Ten Years as a Celtic
Most Enjoying the Offseason (1983)
Vin Baker #2 on the List for Delinquent Taxes
Will We Finally Win in Cleveland?
Bleacher Report   Step Daddies: 10 Players Dare Compared To the Great Shaquille O'Neal
Paul Revered: A Show of My Full Appreciation for Boston's Paul Pierce
Toronto Sports Media   More random thoughts on the Toronto Raptors
Daily Finance    Sports Biz: Will the NBA declare war on Twitter?
Bucks Diary     Best and worst individual Bucks performances this decade
Clipper Blog    Carlos Arroyo to the Clippers?
Commercial Appeal    Iverson decision on Grizzlies offer could arrive Friday    Master of little things, Bowen retires on 'own terms'
Dimemag    Celtics Continue Making Superbig Moves
How Minnesota can forget about Ricky Rubio (for now)
Yahoo   NBA preparing Twitter guidelines
Examiner    Celtics' signing of Daniels brings depth, roster options
Hoopsworld    The Worries for Eastern Contenders
ESPN    Bruce Bowen, three-time champion with San Antonio Spurs, retiring from basketball

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